Thursday, May 14, 2009

Volume 2 :Wild Things

Challenge #2 is here!!!!!
Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
If you are not familiar with the book...
movie trailer--> (I am so excited!!)
No specifics on this one except use the word WILD somewhere on your page :D
Just be inspired by it somehow, anyhow.

Post your project (card,LO, or altered object!) in the comments to this post by June 15
and please let us know what about the book inspired you!

Here's some DT work to inspire you!

I was inspired by the colors and the nature motif of this book... on my LO, I tried to bring that to life! :):):)
Lori: I was inspired by the muted colors and woodsy images and I loved the line in the book that I used for my title: "let the wild rumpus begin!"

Haggith: I was inspired by the colors of the jungle, especially the colors orange, green and blueish/grey. And the flowers and trees. And a bit inspired by the little boy running around getting all mischievous!!! :)

Journaling: "I love your free spirit; your laughs, your smiles; your running around. You make me happy"

Kimmy: I was so inspired I made 2 pages. This one includes my favorite line from the book, a jungle made out of flower trees and my wild little niece romping about with the wild things I printed off the internet.
This was my original idea. I had this adorable wrapping paper and these great KI papers that matched the color scheme of the book.

Lou: I was inspired by the color and shapes on the endpages of the book.
Bree: The title "King of the Wild things" is a line from the book, and my journaling says ( I love you so much I could eat you up.. like in the book)
Also the clouds and stars in the sky for the "gloomy night without making it too gloomy...

The winner of challenge #1 will be posted later this weekend, just waiting on a few votes from the DT! :D


Have a WILD week!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am LOVING LOVING LOVING what the DT came up with!!! GORGEOUS!!! Can't WAIT to see what everyone creates! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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  3. Wow love what the dt have created. Got a question? Can we do a card or OTP like the wizard challenge. LOL no tthat I got around to this but I am planning on doing this one.

  4. Julie~ You can do any kind of scrappy project you want as long as it's inspired by the book!. :D

  5. I love this blog concept, and I'm loving this challenge - that's one of my fave books, and I'm hanging out for the movie too!

  6. This pic of my son, shows his wildness and I love how his mother prefers to him as wild thing in the book, as I do my son. Great inspiraton.

    Here is mine:

  7. I was inspired by the picture from the movie.
    My son loved the woods en all that beautifull nature around him, included the animals.
    He's always a Wild Thing over there !

    Here is mine :

  8. Wow. Everyone got so much imaginations!! I was inspired by the beginning of this story. Max in a wolf costume chasing the dog made me think of this photo I scrapped. My page is on my blog.

  9. Here is my page

    I was inspired the woodsy pics in the book and used some photos of my wild missy jumping on our trampoline with trees in the photo.

  10. OOh I inadvertenty posted this in a comments section further up quite a few days ago!!
    Here it is again......hope it wasnt missed!

    My inspiration was the little boys pjs!